Not so Common, but Luxurious Laces for your next Designer Dress.

Laces are probably the famous classics used for the attires. Either on the borders or as the whole gown, laces are there since ancient times enhancing the beauty of brides too, as their wedding gowns are lacy. Intricate, and unique motifs on it make it all different. They are the all-time favorite for making any dress looks funky, quirky, and sexy. Yes, there are plenty of types of lace which aren’t so common but luxurious such are:

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Embroidered Lace 

Embroidered lace has motifs on it with the net background that is immensely famous for the bridal wear. Beadwork on it makes it more beautiful and worthy.






Chantilly Lace:

Beautiful flower motifs with silk threads on the net background, making it more delicate, and beautiful. Ragged edges of lace make it unique from others. Short dresses with frayed edges look pretty.



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Venetian Lace: 

Fine lace with the intricate designs usually florals, or geometric designs. Lace trims and wide laces are available, of this material.