6 office attires that works for any Male

One of the tiring things of a corporate atmosphere is about getting into the work being well-dressed because being dapper is much important. Corporate dressing is not only about boring tidy suits, now many types of outfits are available to keep it all stylish. Some of them are:

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1. Checkered pant with a plain shirt 

This outfit looks royal and is a perfect corporate attire, just a tie paired with the outfit raises the look. Shoes on the point, shiny black finishing off the look.




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2. Suit

The stereotypical mentality for the suit is boring, but they are stylish too, breaking out the monotonous thought here is a suit with matching printed tie making it all stunning with white shoes.




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3. Black Shirt

Black is more of feeling than a color, black shirts with any pants or trousers fit the look either monochromatic or contrast, both are okay for a black shirt.




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4. Tuxedo suit 

Being an entrepreneur if you want to keep it both stylish and formal, tuxedo suits are the best for that. Here tuxedo is paired with a pair of brown shoes which are looking classy.




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5. Striped shirt

Stripes are versatile. It makes the outfit look like a semi-formal attire. Either with a trouser or jeans, it goes well with both.




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6. Sports Coat 

Sports coat according to name, it gives a casual touch to the office attire. Here the blue coat with a grey plain t-shirt and jeans all looks on the point with a wristwatch.