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Zoya, The Rhapsodie, Her Essentric Collection

We love the exclusively pleasing collection for her. The hues not only restricted to the whites, golds, and silvers, the perpetual hue that fascinates. The collection is solely for her passion, love, fire, and creativity. Sheer elegance wrapped around the neck, ears, and hands, from Zoya is always impeccable.


Golden Stream

The luscious saffron strands and the diamonds that make us awestruck, this ring is the perfect wonderment for her. Rutilated quartz takes all the concentration. The rose-gold ring with an intriguing perspective is beyond any admiration.


The Hanging Mulberry 

The detailing on an amethyst orb carved like appetizing mulberry trims is ethereal. The round diamond grille and the lilac touch make it gorgeous and show-stealer. An evening gown of lilac, with no necklace and these earrings, are wonderstruck.


Tryst with Amethyst 

The smooth curves, and wrap with a continuous diamond-studded gold strand, retaining the emerald-cut amethyst utterly. The gold minute detailing chain takes the heartfelt locket to the heartbeats. The flush set of magnificent diamonds adds a squeeze of charm to it.