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Vegan Leather, An Alternative to the Real Leather?

Vegan leather, an oxymoron, right? That’s true it might sound surprising, but the very new concept of naturals, organic, and sustainable, is inclining day by day. Vegan leather is an artificial leather made using Polyvinyl Chloride or Polyurethane, it went to the chemistry, anyways, it can really substitute the real leather?


vegan leather


All frontline designers are interested in sustainability and organics. Not only the ensembles but the accessories too are enjoying the mainstream. The luster, the simple words “no animal skin” keens everyone to give it a place in our wardrobes.


In an interview with Vogue, McCartney explained that vegan leather should be seen as more than an “alternative” — it should be embraced for the high-quality product it can create. She said, “I think one of the biggest compliments I can receive is when I know people go in and buy a Falabella bag or a pair of shoes, or a faux-leather skirt, and they have no idea they’re not real leather. I think that’s really where it becomes sexy — where you’re not just providing an alternative for someone who is vegan. You’re creating a great product.”



If it is about durability, is vegan leather durable? One other question we would like to add in is it okay to rip off the animal’s skin, however? Either way, your inner eco-friendly soul will choose the best or let go of whatever it wants.