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Types of Shirts Every Man Needs in His Closet

Bartender or businessman, it doesn’t matter as your wardrobe needs certain types of shirts. From elegant oxford shirts to hip shirts, you should have each type in your closet. As some shirts are made for some specific event. Like casual and party dresses are different that way shirts for every occasion. The must-have shirts are:



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Linen Shirts 

On a sunny day, when the sun is not so friendly for that time linen shirt is the best choice you can have. The breathable fabric will make you feel comfortable for any casual or semi-casual meeting. Rock in it with rolling the sleeves up or wear a blazer and jeans for the formal look.



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Short Sleeves 

No more boring outfit Okay, wear this pointed collar shirt for a casual and relaxing day. Available in a massive range of colors and in different styles you can choose yours. Without a tie and just a pair of shorts for the next beach party, pair it up like that way.




Office Shirt 

Get your smart side step up at your workplace with this effortless office shirt. Pale blue or pink and white are one of the best colors as workwear. For the one doing a desk job, no other choice is better than this.




Oxford Shirt 

The Oxford button-down shirt is an instant classic. Identified by the thicker and good quality fabric and button-down collar. It is perfect for most occasions. Choose lighter colors for any of your meetings.