Elementary threads

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Cotton threads 

Cotton fibers are twisted, from the cotton bowls in the process of making cotton threads. They are ideal for basic sewing with different types such as all-purpose cotton threads, Stranded cotton, Quilting thread, Flower threads, and such others.


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Nylon threads

A kind of synthetic threads often used as translucent or woolen threads, suitable for light to medium weight materials. Bonded nylon threads are famous, which are made from different types of materials and not only nylon threads. It is not much useful for quilting and embroidery.



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Silk threads

Silk threads are ideal for a range of fabrics but are the best for woolen and silken materials. It is an excellent tailoring thread which doest does not leave any holes in the fabric. Silk floss, Twisted silk, Stranded silk, Silk ribbon are such types of silk threads.


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Wool threads 

Wool threads are used, for embroidering, and for making blankets. For wool and canvas fabric, the woolen threads are the best. Persian wool, Crewel wool, Tapestry wool are some types of woolen threads from which some are dividable, and some are undividable.


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Glitter threads 

Glitter threads are created, by other thin layers giving the glittery effect, it can be embroidered, quilted or sewn, but the problem is in adjusting which creates the havoc due to which speed is decreased.