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Things to Know Before you Buy Sneakers

From the B-Town stars to the fashion bloggers, all are busy in promoting and wearing those comfy sneakers. Yes, sneakers don’t come only with fashion, the convenience, the brand, the quality everything matters. Either we consider Virat Kohli or Travis Scott, the fad of men towards the chunky and funky sneakers is rising. Here is the guide, which shoes to incorporate in your shoe rack.




Fashion and Relief

The shoe brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Kenneth Cole, Timberland, and others not only emphasizes on the pattern or fashion but on the fittings too. The fabric, the trim, the cuts, color medley, and everything in between matters. Shoes from these brands are worth investing in, as the allure for them is everlasting.


Consider the activities 

There is a shoe out there for every activity, but not a single pair of shoes for each activity. “Pretty much any activity that someone wants do to, there’s going to be a shoe out there,” says Doug Smiley. Running, walking, tennis, golf, meetings, many activities, but all the converse shoes for each of them.


Trust the Brand

Don’t often change the bran, trust one brand for quality. However, a good rule of thumb for both runners and everyday shoe wearers is to replace your shoes after 400 miles. Check the sides, bottoms, the perfect heel that you want. These are some of the thumbprints to check out before taking them home.