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The Most Elite Color Combinations for Men

Gone are the days which defined black and white as the perfect blend for the formals. When it comes to personality, clothes are the first that go on a noticeable check. So, pairing them with the complementing colors, that flatters the overall outlay is essential. For the hue blend, one should be aware of the color wheel, the complementary colors, or the analogous one, which one you are electing matters a lot for the whole silhouette. Let’s peep up to the influential trending color aggregates.



Call For the Navy  


Picture Courtesy: Lixnet

Navy is a somber shade so, don’t blunder navy and black as an admiring pick, they both are dark and look overly done. Well, white is the classic choice but, if you want a playful personality, then soft pink is appropriate. A hint of yellow or the shades of blue itself make the subtle combination, a pinch of red or maroon is also promotable. Beige is the best date partner, remember guys.



The Precarious Burgundy


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The smartest of a group might be in the burgundy ensemble. Don’t catch on less on this color, as it is the riskier one. Neutrals are the best companions of burgundy, grey, black, white are one of them. Surprisingly, the soft hue of brown goes well for the workaholic day and partyholic night. Add white shoes to it for an impromptu compliment.



Red is Bold


Picture Courtesy: Lookastic.com

Red is not a single shade, but a team of brick red, crimson, candy, scarlet, mahogany, and many more. Be conscious of the red you are carrying. Edgy navy or white is a classic elect. Flattering red never goes off the track when contrasted with black. The same hue is a color of love and danger also so, red is not a lenient baby, but the stubborn one.




An Emotion: Black 


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We are blessed to have such an all-rounder hue with us. Really, no color can beat the charm of black. All other shades from the color wheel, suit black either be mustard, tamarind, teal, powder blue, candy pink, crimson, and the list goes on. Black has the superpower to look instinctively elegant and charismatic.