• Designer  • The Co-ords: Matching Shirts and Shorts falling under the new Trend.

The Co-ords: Matching Shirts and Shorts falling under the new Trend.

The season’s best look for any men for any trip or the poolside or the bar. The floral print gives the pool look, matching shirts and shorts for the bar and layering for any street style. It is slouchy and casual both at a time. Versatile for any smart guy, buttons open for a flirty look and layered for the gentleman look.


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Monochrome means white, black, or just pastel colors? No, dress up with interesting colors for the younger feels. Classic blue no, hop it to pinks or greens. Opt for loose-fitting but, not the oversized one as it will be counted as a pajama’s brother.






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Bold Look 

Fashion disaster and being bold are two different. Many fears for the printed bottoms and shirts both, trust me some are a big fiasco but, some are bold. Stripes or geometric designs might look the best on you. A playful look for a pleasant day.





matching shirts and shorts

Picture Courtesy: Fashionbeans




Travel Look 

Travel time okay, oversized shirt- check, shorts- check, pajamas- check, wait is this your clothing list, which has no style. Check on this beautiful pink matching shirts and shorts with a simple white tee. Playful sneakers and perfect sunglasses are gonna rock your holiday look.