Sonam Kapoor in denim-on-denim

The Neerja entertainer’s clothing is a Rs. 6,000 “Greenery” monogram denim jacket. It exudes energy with enormous indent lapel collars, long sleeves, front fix pockets, side cuts, and a sweeping outline. It encapsulates the grit propelled plan idea that invades the assortment. The Casual Monogram Denim Jeans, estimated at Rs. 4,800, were decided to go with the jacket. These pants incorporate an elevated structure belt, a casual fit, and a straight-leg trim for solace and style. The sloppy blue corrosive washed tone and odd example make this denim-on-denim combo stick out. She was wearing an Alaa Mina 16 Little weaved cowhide crossbody sack for generally Rs. 2,31,831.