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shrinking your closet

Shrinking your closet – The most daunting task


Self isolation - Time to shrink your closet

Self Isolation – Shrink Closet

Being in self-isolation allows you to attempt a detailed look on your closet. There are things saddled with emotions around in each section of your closet. There can be the first blazer you wore for your very first interview or that pair of jeans gifted by your love quite a few years back.

Advising others to drop certain section of the closet is the easiest but dealing with it on your own for your closet makes you emotional. Plus being at home with no friends around to give you suggestions can be worse but we do have a fix for you.


Start Small

Don’t try to go through the whole closet in one day. Instead, start with one section. This can be the tiniest section too! Once you get this done, everything else becomes easier.


Math comes into the equation.

Think of when did you last wore the outfit. If it is more than 50 days, it’s time to say goodbye. Though you don’t mix up the winter clothes with summer as those would be the seasonal clothes and might not be worn in last 50 days. Start creating a pile of such clothes as “Long time” stack.


start small and focus on repeats  

Pay attention to repeats

Check on how many of the same t-shirts you have with the similar print or color. This can be the same with Denims. Go back to the math about when was the last time you wore them and decide accordingly.


Weight Loss clothing

There will be a pile of clothing in every Indian women’s closet who are trying to lose weight. It is called “WHEN I WILL BE IN SHAPE”.  These are the clothes that use to fit but not anymore now. Though you are trying hard enough to get into those jeans, you can always buy a better one later. Fashion does not wait for anyone nor will it wait for you. Time to pile them up as “DONATE”.


Think about the future without the “what if.”

We often come across the What if scenario when it comes to some of favorite clothing. Like, I can wear this pinafore when there is a school themed party. What are the chances of having the school themed party? 1% chance. There is no foreseeable future for the same.



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