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Sewing Machine

A sewing machine is a basic necessity for the tailor, with the different works, different materials, and types of use the kind of machine changes. The dream outfits start their journey from here. Some of the popular types of sewing machines are:

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Mechanical/Domestic sewing machine

Domestic sewing machines are manual machines because the user does basic settings manually. For the beginners, this machine is like a blessing. Easily repairable, and inexpensive, are some of the characteristics. It is not favorable for thick materials like denim and leather. The machine can be a stand-based or table-based, which is useful for simple stitching.

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Embroidery sewing machine

As the name suggests itself it is used, for designing different types of embroideries, these machines are comparatively expensive but worthy for the one who loves embroidery as a professional. The maintenance of an embroidery machine is less expensive.

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Computerized sewing machine

Computerized sewing machines are high technology sewing machines. They are more useful for the textile industry, which can be connected to the internet and computers so it can work according to the programming. They are big in size with multiple needles so that it can work fast.





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Electronic sewing machine

It is a combination of mechanical and computerized sewing machines which are very useful for the decorative sewing techniques. These are free arms having lightweight being easily manageable for experts. Those are expensive and not for beginners.