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Men’s Shoes, which color to wear with what?

Someone’s first impression indeed depends on the shoes, especially when it comes to simpler standardized suits for men. Men’s fashion is growing less rigid recently, all colors and styles, are welcomed by the runways. Since the solid bold colors are preferred still the mismatch is probably the problem. Your next color in line might be white or tan as trending, but how to pair it with which color has always been the question, let’s see


Brown Shoes: 


There is a tone for almost all the occasion, and the language of brown fits to almost of them, though it be the corporate one or the party one. The lighter the shade, the unfussy the look is. Go-to color for any chinos, but for denim, darker browns are aimed. Black jeans and brown shoes, not a smart choice, restyle that again.


Oxblood Shoes 

Oxblood is underrated for men, for women lipsticks are the best of oxblood or nearer shade. Going out of the way to making a statement is not a man’s choice. Oxblood derbies with black, white, grey, and prints, are all smart. An oxblood loafer is a classic go-to style for summers.


Tan Shoes 

“It’s best on more relaxed styles like brogue derbies or boots,” says McDonald. “Tan suede shoes can also look good, but you need to wear them with fairly informal outfits.” Tan works well with jeans of all shades and chinos of any color, especially in summer, even with the stripes. Picture courtesy to the owner.