Latkans that makes the outfit sharper.

Different types of latkans that transform the look of an outfit which can make the outfit look more sharper and adorable. They have the power to convert a plain skirt or a plain blouse in a fashionable outfit. Some of the types are:

Picture Courtesy: WeddingZ


Design of a flower

The design having flower motifs, they make the outfit look fresh and fancy, the contrast color of a latkan to the outfit makes it look more attractive, just like in this blue outfit having pink lotus flower latkans.




Picture Courtesy: ibc24



Kaleere latkans

They are a little heavy which will give the simple dress a unique look. It is hard for a bride to stay away from these types of latkans, so for every bridal dress, those are the perfect latkans.




Picture Courtesy: Aesthetics Designer Label



Fabric tassels 

More the colors, more the attraction. Just a simple dress with those colorful fabric hand made tassels gives a funky element to the simple suit making it all elegant.



Picture Courtesy: WeddingZ




Wooden latkans 

Wooden cut latkans keep it all-natural and unique, different unique designs like wheels, cycles, flowers are made out of it, which gives the royal look as it is of natural wood color only, that suits with any color of outfit.



Picture Courtesy: Get your venue


Pomp Pomp latkans 

Pomp-pomp never goes out of the trend and manages to stay everyone’s favorite being the first priority. Either a matching latkan or a contrast one both uplifts the look.