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Jewelry for the Go-To list.

From the cute one diamond earring in the ears as a baby to keeping up it trendy and elegant, our choices changed. Jewelry is something that always has an exceptional place in our to-do list or to-buy list. Delicate is the new elegant, let’s have a peek in the list of go-to jewelry.





Pearl Earrings 

Pearls are immensely sumptuous, and a pearl earring will fit the vibe of a beach bride. The delicacy of being feminine with modernized jewelry is such a magnificent amalgamation. Beaded pearl earring is the stop of your list currently.







Rose Gold Ring 

Diamonds set in 18k rose gold on a double band design. The double band, and two diamonds on each of the sides, is like a crown for the finger. The center diamond will be the heart of the party indeed.





Minimalist Set

Triangular shaped charm necklace made with a howlite marble stone set against a gold plated casing is marvelous. It comes with a delicate gold plated chain, the triangular marble of the ring, also makes it a statement piece.







Bohemian Y Necklace 

Lariat necklace made of an antique silver cabochon setting with either abalone or pearl or carnelian stone and small antique silver ball charm at the end. If you’re looking for a delicate contemporary silver necklace at Y shape, easy to wear that’s the perfect jewelry for you.