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How to Get Hands on the Comfy Heels?

It’s traumatic to wear heels all day long. I sat, at a loss, got a negative answer for the mystery of the comfiest heel in my head. According to us, there are no comfy heels that soothe until a breakdown. So, we decided upon the Chiropodist to give us some of the pointers. 

Podiatrist hand out the three quick tricks to us before we get into the band-aids are:

The height: Heel’s height should be between one and two inches. If the shoe is immensely rangy, it will cause jamming of the toes and sphere of the foot every time you walk. 

The shape: Consider the shape of the toe box, if it’s explicit pointy, then it will clasp your foot, which is not a good sign. 

The material: Elect for the breathable material, like nubuck, leather, or suede. 

Some of the recommendable heels are:



Picture Courtesy: Nasty Gal



Kitten Heels 

Dear heel lover, nothing can stop you from enduring kitten heels. Strappy kitten heels are chic and comfortable. Straps make it all breathable and fashionable, and we are mundane with the versatility of the heels. Work bee looks gorgeous in the dolled up corporate skirt -shirt with the heels.







Picture Courtesy: Jenni Kayne



Suede Mules 

The suede fabric the pattern, both amalgamate for an all-rounder gift to your foot. The sleek pointed head-toe leads to an elongated foot without gripping it distressedly. The low heel will not accentuate your ball even after the whole day long.





Picture Courtesy: PrettyLittleThing



Wedge Sandals 

After work, during the weekends, if you are sure about the whole night grooving, then ditch the stilettos and opt for the wedge sandals. Don’t let your foot scream about the pain the very next morning.