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Hairdos for Long Hair

Long hair is mesmerizing and desirable, but the hairdo with it is a traumatic part because it’s hard to handle. We see many of the bloggers, hairstylers, and some of our favorite actors managing Rapunzel hair like a pro. So, here are some of the most immeasurable hairdos you can pick.






Slicked Back Hairdo

Slicked back hair is the fall’s most chic style, celebs are fancying in it over and over again. The glamorous look encompasses wet hair slicked back. The main benefit of it is a no-fudge hairstyle, no-mess, and all comfortable to opt.






Half Bun 

Well, a messy bun is a key to every hair hack style. Hun or the half-bun both are the same. It is enthralling to tie-up less and open-up more. Now a long flick will not disturb you in flaunting the perfect brown pout.






Rope Braid 

Doing a braid is tiring, but the easier way we got is through a rope braid. Fishtale, three-strand, are all main-stream, the nip is with the rope braid. Just tie a ponytail and divide it into the section, now go convolute it.






Double Ponytail 

This coiffure is bliss for sure. Your long hair might not look fuller if you tie them all in a pony. Double pony is the most satisfying to tie them high and make them look fuller. This hack is conferred one by the hairstylist.