Hailey Bieber’s side-sweeping piecey fringe is a modern take on the ‘scene kid era’ hairstyle

Well hello, Mrs Bieber and can I say… Rawr. Hailey Bieber looks as impossibly hot and chic as always in her latest IG story, and yet we couldn’t help but think we haven’t seen a side fringe so swooping and dominant since the scene kid or emo days of the mid-late 00s.

Now, Millennials and Zillenials will remember this first-hand—I personally wore a straight side fringe with my big curly hair, it wasn’t a good look—but whether you were deep into your emo era or not, side fringes were non-negotiable. For the large proportion who were living their Paramore-worshipping best life, there was no limit to these spikey fringes swooping sideways across as much of your face as you could manage.

For Gen Z, you’ve probably seen the TikToks of 2007-2009 high school yearbooks. You know what we’re talking about.
Bieber is wearing her bob hair pulled tightly back into a clean girl-esque bun, but this addition of an intense bang is really changing everything.

Is Bieber’s fringe spikey, dyed black, and badly highlighted with blonde/red/orange? No no, it isn’t. Something about the drama of this swoop feels like a descendant of those days. Where the fringe isn’t an addition to the hairstyle or a feature of it, the fringe IS the hairstyle, the rest is just the backup dancer.