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Escape the Ordinary with Arjun Khanna

Arjun Khanna, the bespoke designer, since 1989, let’s escape the ordinary with him. He is an exclusively men’s designer, unveiling each prospect of fashion with the perception of a common man. Isn’t it a privilege to have a solely men’s designer, so that even the groom gets the spotlight for his wedding trousseau.


Arjun Khanna



Inspired by Chinese Embroidery and Parsi Garas, Arjun Khanna presents the Silk Route collection. Exquisitely embroidered in the finest silk floss depicting flowers and birds in their natural paradise. The color blend, the poise extravagant and simplicity, is excellent.




Arjun Khanna




The very stylish Arjun Khanna himself is a denim lover, and we loved the way he portrayed love for denim. This handsome custom with denim is exceptional. Not the retro bling, yet the retro hint in the ensemble is perfect.






Arjun Khanna



Flowers, the fresh season of blossom, who said it suits women more as apparel, This beige linen flower embroidered pure silk floss in ivory and pink, bandhgala kurta is the new statement piece to show off the love for the most current fashion.









‘Golden Triangle ‘ – The Yao Tribe who loves old indigo fabrics and linens washed denim embroidered and embellished with satin silk thread roses, and this outfit is the fittest example of their love.