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Cuban Collar Shirt for State-Of-The-Art

The Cuban collar shirt being retro bling has all the contemporary styles now. It has a start date, as back as the 1800s or more, originality from South America. This will vanguard you for the tropical destination to the lunch squad for perfection. In the history of menswear, Cubans have taken a front-seat in being versatile.




Conjoin with Trousers 

The months of mediocre weather is hitherto, let’s delight the season of a soothing sunburn with a Cuban collar shirt and trousers. Drab shades of trousers for the luminescent shirt and about-face, match up the florals for the subtle look. Explicit your charm in your makeshift of elegance.




Not only Casual but the Suit

Efflorescent is not a pick for the formal silhouette, but an unconventional look with the Cuban button-down shirt is well-founded. Hip up the formal wardrobe with a pinch of drama, it works as a semi-formal, and also for the cocktail bash. Wear your best wing-tip for a nimble look.




Planning a Holiday?

Planning for a holiday, indeed shorts are the first thing you imagine around, well, shorts and a tee or just a tank top, are you sure? Scrutinize the duds and Cuban will be the best pick you can recall, subtle, funky, fashionable, all at once. Grab your sneakers, glairs, and ta-da your holiday look recipe is yummily ready.



I’m a Jeanlicious 

Take yourself back to the days of origin of Cuban to the retro thing by giving a pat of pride to your self saying I’m a jeanlicious. Double denim is a pick for your choice towards tuxedo. Flared jeans, or the tapered fit jeans, relaxed-fit jeans, will ace up the game.