Buttons, depicting the fineness of detailing.

Modern clothing being acute and minute, the detailing also matters, where buttons being an indispensable part presents the outfit in a more glamorous way. Different types of outfits possess different types of buttons. The types are:

Picture Courtesy: sbs-zipper

Flat buttons
The most common type of buttons is flat buttons having two or four holes in between which are easily available and can be stitched, with the help of hands. Versatile is the flat button that can go with any of the outfits. They also come in fancy shapes and rough edges, which can make the outfit look funky.


Picture Courtesy: Fabric Mart



Shank buttons
Shank buttons have a loop or a hole at the back of the button, instead of any holes at the center. It gives an elegant look to the outfit. They slightly raise above the attire giving it an admiring look. Long-lasting materials are used, for making shank buttons, which makes it less maintainable.



Picture Courtesy: Alibaba



Stud buttons
Stud buttons also known as jeans buttons because they are used in jeans, or for other denim attires. It has two parts which are to be pressed, in a strong manner in the buttonhole. Some of them are sewed, with the help of extra strong threads so that they fit properly.



Picture Courtesy: Alibaba



Long, skinny buttons usually used, in the buttonholes. They are usually used, as statement pieces. Due to their skinniness, they fit in the small buttonholes, which makes it unique and stylish. Mostly they are made from wood or plastic in various colors as well as which can be printed.