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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Stunned at Paris Fashion Week

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at Paris Fashion Week is an exemplification of Elegance. One of the most beautiful ladies in the world for sure. No one has left unknown to the charm of this gorgeous lady. Recently at the L’Oreal Paris fashion week she appeared in all florals and surprised everyone with her poses. Her fans love her style, while some are in love with the look but some are digging it. Have a sneak peek to the look and decide on your own.


Video Courtesy to L’Oreal Paris


She opts for a flowy floral dress with a long trail to showcase Giambattista Valli for the ramp walk at L’Oreal Paris fashion week. This look of Miss World is going viral everywhere. She was with her little munchkin, Aaradhya, she posed with her daughter, and with other stars in the star-studded event. She is not in a lot of movies right now, but her comeback through the L’Oreal being a brand ambassador is exceptional.


aishwarya rai

Picture Courtesy: Southindianfashion


Lastly, the dramatic makeup can’t go unnoticed. Glittery blue and purple eyeshadow, coupled with a bold red lip color make a style statement. The puffed-up hairstyle suits the flower dress. The exaggerated tail makes it more adorable anyhow. Shiny makeup with frock dress is really not working for some, but it would look so wondrous no one had that idea.


aishwarya rai

Picture Courtesy: Instagram


Other stars in the runway were Camila Cabello, Eva Longoria, Geri “Ginger Spice” Horner, Andie MacDowell and more. Paris, the fashion hub proves to be the best when it comes to fashion shows. Cabello sets the fire with just a blazer and no undershirt. Eva was in all black with a turtle neck, and others also rocked different styles.