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A/W Biggest Trends from Men’s Fashion Week

Going to shop is such a confusion, seasonal clothes, trending clothes, celebrity’s style, designer attires, your favorite elect, and much more. If this is your situation, worry not, the autumn-winter fashion week runway has some major fashion trends.


fashion week

Two-Tone Sneakers 

Why have less fun when you can have much more? It takes the first impression to manifest your presence, so footwear is the one you need to select wisely. Two-Tone sneakers are the new white sneakers that are not going anywhere soon. Embrace the duo of your favorite elect, and make sure to add them to your wardrobe.


fashion week

Crossbody Bags 

Pockets are so of the past year, thanks to the fashion week we got the crossbody bags from the different brands like Zara and many more. Not the flashy one but the miniature crossbody bag that can show off the contemporary elevation.


fashion week

Bold Pants 

Jazzy pants are only for the disco night is something out fashioned. Go bold or be the cringy toad. Be the tie-dye or the solid colors, don’t ignore ’em other time when you really wanna shop something that is in current vogue.



Beanies are something from your grandparent’s closet but, trust the trends, and wear them on the streets, take care of someone is not clicking you anyway. Fashion blogger’s choice, the runway’s choice, and the magical silhouette’s choice don’t rashly say no to your amma’s wardrobe before even peeping in it. Image courtesy to the respected owners.