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Different Ways of Wearing a Saree

Six-yard drape is one of the favorites silhouettes for either be pooja or for a wedding function. When you want a little more amount of money as blessings, saree always work, it’s a pro tip lol. Well, sometimes, it becomes monotonous and stereotyped. Many different drapes are not only exclusive but flirtatious. Do you wanna settle for no less on this wedding season and also don’t wanna go with the sheep crowd, then these different ways will help you out.



Bollywood stars are notching up the style games all to a different level. Cocktail sarees, ruffled sarees or the six-yard drape with a shirt blouse, and many more. The jacket on saree, or the shawl, make it look extraordinarily gorgeous. Even we have the number of ways of keeping a pallu, the Bengali style, the Gujarati style, the Mumtaz style, the butterfly style, the half saree style, and Oh My God it goes on.



Who doesn’t like the diva look? Showing the right amount of skin and being coy. There are many ways to wear a six-yard drape but, the contemporary idea is the one, you should elect on. Which is your favorite way to drape a six-yard long saree?